WorkWell Lawrence

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WorkWell Lawrence promotes wellness policies and practices in workplaces with a focus on physical activity, nutrition and tobacco use. WorkWell welcomes participation from employers, human resources and worksite wellness professionals interested in improving the health of workers in Douglas County.

Given that adults spend about half of their waking hours on the job, worksites provide an optimal opportunity to initiate and support a healthy lifestyle. Research has shown that habits formed in the workplace will carry over into the home. We’re working with Douglas County employers to help develop and implement policies and programs that promote physical activity, nutrition and tobacco-free living.

To get involved, fill out the form here.

Work Group Leadership

  • Chair: Aynsley Anderson, Lawrence Memorial Hospital
  • Chair-elect: Vacant
  • Past Chair: Megan Stuke, The Willow Domestic Violence Center
  • Communications coordinator: Vacant